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About OneIndia Coupons

OneIndia Coupons is a trusted and dependable platform renowned for providing top-notch online discounts.

OneIndia Coupons is a collaborative effort between OneIndia and Global Savings Group (GSG) aimed at assisting Indian customers in effortlessly discovering premier discounts and coupon codes during their online shopping journey.

Editor’s note

Introducing "OneIndia Coupons" to Enhance Savings Opportunities

OneIndia Coupons was introduced to enrich our customers' online shopping journey. Our platform meticulously presents handpicked coupon codes and discounts to facilitate substantial savings during online purchases.

The inclusion of coupon codes within OneIndia's commerce offerings streamlines the process of locating optimal savings while shopping. The OneIndia Coupons team meticulously evaluates potential partnerships with online merchants and affiliate marketing partners, negotiates for exclusive coupons, and undertakes manual curation, creation, and testing of all vouchers before they are made available to users.


GSG Collaboration: Elevating Quality Standards

OneIndia Coupons has diligently sought a strategic partner renowned for global expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence, and we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Global Savings Group (GSG). With an illustrious history spanning over a decade, GSG boasts extensive connections with premier advertisers worldwide.

The partnership with GSG has allowed OneIndia Coupons to elevate its coupon codes and discount offerings to the top-most standards that motivate customers to save more on everyday purchases.


What’s the structure of our collaborative process?

The journey of OneIndia Coupons to deliver this offering involves various processes that include regular audits to maintain the highest content quality and coordinated collaboration among teams that allow us to navigate any form of complexities.

Being steadfast in our shared objective of assisting our customers in saving money, our partnership has flourished throughout the years. We are committed to the long term and dedicated to ongoing growth, expanding our range of offerings, and enhancing the savings options we provide.

Meet the team

Kanchan Sharma
Kanchan Sharma

Associate Director Operations - APAC

Marko Stricevic
Marko Stricevic

Vice President - Connect Business Unit & B2B Solutions

Ayushi Asthana
Ayushi Asthana

Assistant Product Manager


Quality Standard and review process

The dedicated team of 5 editors and professionals at OneIndia Coupons carefully curates all content to guarantee our customers receive top-notch promo codes and discounts daily. These editors possess extensive user insights and unparalleled quality assurance skills, enabling them to work efficiently and passionately in sourcing, editing, and hand-picking hundreds of deals daily to necessitate our Indian customers' saving opportunities.

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Our Business Model

How we generate revenue

Once shoppers use any free vouchers available on OneIndia Coupons to transact on the online merchant partners' websites, we earn a small commission from the respective brands. This model prioritizes our shoppers' benefits, and the commission earned through affiliate marketing partnerships is evenly divided between OneIndia and Global Savings Group (GSG), fostering fair and mutually beneficial cooperation.

To achieve this goal, we diligently share every discount we encounter. While this approach may occasionally result in not earning a commission, our unwavering goal is to offer our customers the latest and greatest exclusive coupon codes monthly.

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